Viking Adventures

I’ve posted my first attempt at stop motion animation on Youtube. It’s called Viking Adventures and was made a couple of weeks ago. Recording took about an hour, and editing another hour (hadn’t done neither before). I use my Canon EOS 550D to take the pictures, and I have it connected to my MacBook Pro via USB. For recording I use Dragon Stop Motion where I can control focus, aperture etc. (not zoom) and take pictures without having to touch the camera. For now I’m using the 30-day trial version of the software which limits me to 50 frames per take. I set the frame rate to 12.5 fps which gives me a take that’s 4 seconds long. I’ll buy the full version soon but for now I’m just learning to create some simple animations and it’s working well. The editing was done in iMovie ’09 and the music is taken from the iLife library. I’m not sure how much things you can do with iMovie but hopefully I won’t have to get something expensive to create the videos I want.
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